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tv   Fox 5 News at 5  FOX  September 12, 2011 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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practice and showed up for an open locker room and went on the field and looked and reviewed tape. the players came in, even though they didn't have to and some wonder whether moc shanahan would have -- mike shanahan would have made them do it, anyway. rex grossman making the start since 2007 is good and after missing the first four passes, found his rhythm and to that complete 21 and 34, 105 yards, two tds and no pick. they end a six-game losing streak to the giants. they feel something is happening, mike shanahan is more cautiously optimistic. >> was pleased with the way we played and that is over. we have a good day today and look at our mistakes and come in on wednesday ready to go against arizona. the mindset is not what we did before but what we're going to do today.
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i think we have a sense of urgency about it and if you do yet that way, you have a chance to get better. right now, he's a great coach and grossman a great quarterback and will remain that way until sunday when the card untiles come to up to. the redskins, 4 1/2-point favorites in that game at the bottom of the hour and we'll look at two rockies who played like vets in their opening nfl game. >> and i kept hearing yesterday, we have a team finally got a team. is the difference with them wanting to go -- no, feldy is still there and withel this wanting to go back on the field today and despite the fact they didn't have to, does he say a lot about this team? i think it does, laura. theyed this team was different because of the distracts. read into it, hainesworth and mcnabb. there is a great unity and
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great team spirit. evidently, mike sellers, one of the captain before didn't get to suit up, ruled inactive for the game wassed the sideline -- was on the sideline and routeing on the team and seems to be a college spirit. work when is you're 1-0 and see what happens when there is adversity and everyone is buying into the fact there is a new attitude but for mike shanahan who will admit nothing in any press conditions. >> and -- press conditions. >> ezhe's a great coach and sounds like he's tough what the team needed. >> thank you very much. >> okay. >> and our facebook page firing up with your comment tonight. we asked you if you think grossman was the reason for the win. shawn bowly writes, sure, he was a big part of the reason. yesterday's game versus the giants was one of the best games i have seen the redskins play in a long tom. it was a solid -- long time. it was a solid team effort. tomson agrees that the win was about grossman. the qb is the men man with the guys who protect him from being
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sacked. eric harris, how far, not too quick to celebrate. he said the fact this giants didn't have more than four of their ski key starters on the defense had nothing to do with the win, reality check. the big question tonight, will the redskins have a winning record this season? we invite to you join in on the conversation like on facebook to post your comments or text your vote to 29473. and stab -- standard rates apply. developing in the district now. the former d.c. mayoral candidate suleman brown is out of jail after a brush with the law this mother. the fired government employee got into a confrontation with the police on avenue. he spoke with karen gray houston and is live at union station with more. >> reporter: suleman brown can't seem to stay out of the limelight. and this is a he-said/she-said
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between them and the police. the police say when they arrested him, he produced a maryland driver's license that was suspended and we got some background on this for you and this we'll tell what you he is saying about all of this. it all went down here, the 600 block of florida avenue northwest. about 1:00 a.m. and that ended up with brown spending an hour and a half at the third district motion for processing. the police report said the officer casey logan used emergency lights and siren to pull him over. because his right front headlight was out. brown was driving a silver 2003 perin said ease with maryland talk on mercedes and produced a maryland driver's license that was suspended. brown told fox 5 by phone earlier that several officers in an unmarked vehicle told him to get out of the car. he refused because he could not identify them as police. brown saidthy beat on his doors and windows -- said they beat on his doors and windows and
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one officer said you were the one who tried to get the mayor arrested, we have to lock you up. the way he tells the story, a second unmarked car arrives at the scene and when it got here, a female police officer pulled out a gun. and brown said he locked his doors and windows and called 911. the dispatcher told him to stay inside and wait for a supervisor in a marked cruiser. he was eventually arrested for driving without a permit and charged with failure to obey. his car was taken to a lock at the 40 district. >> the fact of the matter, we have ongoing decisions based upon whether he is telling the truth or not and this is another wild dimension to all of that. >> and key caught up with the mayor who was making a presentation to the felonious month snout of jazz and he didn't want to comment.
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we finished talking to bound and -- brown and his attorney. this is some of what he had to say about this. >> this is not going to happen to brown but any citizens. you can be driving and your well since is suspended based off of a ticket you know nothing about. >> reporter: a maryland wellence? that is correct. you ran for mayor in d.c. do you not have a d.c. driver's license? >> i have a d.c. ocean card, i live in the district and have property and family in maryland. >> and that is him saying he has a driver's license and that it was suspended and that was because of an unpaid parking ticket. >> and i mean this is like a little bitty thing or a bigger problem for him? >> you have to admit, this signs like it's going to be a problem and like jim graham was suggesting, it was a credibility issue.
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brown has been telling people that mayor gray lied about promising him a job in exchange for some campaignsen man --ship an gans and have a police report saying when they arrested him early this morning, they seized a couple of items from the car and one was a 26-inch retractible batoand the other a lamb nitted window that said mgb police officials. all of this can only complicate his life. >> wow. >> and there are a lot of questions coming from that. and karen gray houston, thank you. >> we have a news alert. the firefighters rescued a 10- year-old boy from a burring home. crews arrived on elizabeth avenue this morning. the witnesses told rescuers a child was in the house and a fire footer rushed in to -- firefighter rushed in to save the boy and that child is being
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treated at the hospital with serious injuries. and the war on terror might be winding down but dozens of troops from maryland and virginia are headed to afghanistan on a special mission. fox 5acy maureen umeh is live tonight with more details from fort belvoir. >> reporter: the elite group of soldiers will be training and mentoring the afghan attorney generally and police hope -- avan army and helping to ensure the war on terror is won. one day after the 10-year anniversary, a reminder the fight from freedom is not yet over. >> and that is an extremely important date, we're mindful of it and that is something that, quite frankly, is of present in some things we do to trap up and it's underpitching why we do what we do. >> right face. forward march. >> reporter: about 30 soldiers from the virginia national guard's fort belvoir base, 29th infantry division is gearing up on part on a one-year mission
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in afghanistan. 35 soldiers from the maryland national guard are also part of the team. >> we're very honored that our ployment sides with the 9/11 tragedy -- our deployment sides with the 9/11 ceremonies. >> reporter: she's leaving her children behind, a sacrifice to make for our country j. it's special for us to honor everyone who has gone over and serbed before us. -- served before us. >> reporter: colonel flores said the team's mission is crucial to the success of the war on terror jump our job over there is to help them with the command and create structure so they can take on the paths to do the job themselves. >> reporter: asen froms and family gathered for a departure ceremony, they're proud of their loved one's service. the reality of what lays ahead is emotional r. judge he wanted to go back and -- >> he wanted to go back and help his country. i'm proud of him. >> reporter: as the 29th
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infantry division prepares to leave, they hope their service will ensure lasting peace and safety for them what should have been done a decade ago. back here live, the soldiers will spend several weeks training in mississippi before being deployed in afghanistan. the mission will last for a year. laura? >> and thank them for theirs is. >> we do. >> thank you. -- for their service. can president obama get congress on board and americans back to work? we'll take you inside the president's you in jobs plan coming up next. and also ahead, one man's alleged road rage caught on camera. tonight, a warning for cyclists and drivers, how to share the road safely still ahead. and pretty good day today, all things considered. >> showers and some thunderstorms popping up out there. we'll show you where, see if you have a chance coming up in just a bit. >> and keep it here, fox 5 news at 5 is coming back. 
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>> president obama is speaking out again, trying to push congress into passing the new jobs plan. the president invited construction workers, teachers and police officers to the white house today as part of the campaign. fox 5 tom fitzgerald is live in the newsroom. why the backdrop of all of the workers? >> the white house wanted to show the president surrounded by pem who they say would be -- people who they say would be helped by the jobs bill. the bill went to capitol hill and you know while many
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republicans say there are several things they like in this, conbe isatives are be -- conservatives are clear this they won't be go with spending not offset by now budget cuts. the president appeared in the rose garden this morning. the jobs bill cost $450 billion between the new spending and there will be tax cuts involved. the president called on his supporters to pressure congress and to go -- whatever the media reported, highlighting the bad political blood this exists in washington. >> the quoting of republican aides saying i don't know why we would want to cooperate with oba in right now. it's not good with the policy. not very explicit. that is the attitude in this up to. yeah, we have been through these things before, but i don't know why way would be for them right now -- why we would be for them right now. >> the details on how to pay for this was left to the white
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house budget director and he laid out a ambitious plan and by ending the bush era tax cuts on people making more than $200,000 a year and families making more than 2 host thousand dollars a year and -- $250,000 a year and slashing tax deducts across the board j. thank you for the update tonight. we have new details on that potential terror threat against d.c. and new york. the fbi new said that there is no evidence of three al qaeda terrorists sneaking into the united states to attack on the 9/11 anniversary. the tip last week had officials on high alert. intelligence agents now they sarah not sure the three are in the u.s. or if -- they're not sure if the three are in the u.s. or exist at all. meanwhile, the secret service is investigating a threat post on the white house facebook page yesterday. the agents looking into three different threatening messages, one included a picture of osama bin laden reading, quote, we'll come back 11/9/2011, using --
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killing you all. former imf chief dominique strauss-kahn is no logger facing sexual assault charges in new york. french authorities are investigating claims against him there. the police introduced him today about an attempted rape allegation filed by a journal of the. she claims he tried to rape her at her apartment in 2003. the writer claims show did not go to police sooner because the mother urgeed her to stay quiet. strauss-kahn denied the allegations. a new york hotel accused him of attacking her but prosecutors -- the charges because of the questions of credibility. britain's biggest police force. the government said that bernard hogan howe is the current acting deputy commissioner and has been named the new head of the metropolitan police force. the former police chief, paul stevenson and the former commissioner quiet after the news of the world phone hacking scandal. news corp is the parent company of news of the world and fox 5.
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>> and preparing the damage from last week's flooding. sky fox showing us what it looks like in brandywine, maryland. brandywine road washed out in the high water and to the south in all rightop, virginia -- lor tissue on, virginia, repair crews have a lot of work to do. take a look. this is lorton road, part of which collapsed in the flooding. street is closed here at windy mere road. and i am glad i missed the it all. >> welcome back from vacation. you came back to a beautiful day. it's been nice so far j. gorgeous today. >> and to stay this way? the air is very, very clear and hopefully it will stay this way. where is it raining? >> a bit of stuff. mainly to the west-southwest and again, all of the showers and thunderstorms we can handle. i know the ground is very saturated and don't worry about that. just to go and speaking ahead of a few days, i don't need organized rain this is a big deal for us. we'll have a little in the forecast and shouldn't be a big, big problem. a f times thirdry out her
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-- a lot of times they're dry out here. not a lot and most is south of 66 and in over to the east of 81. there is a shower around culpeper and there is a shower, a thunderstorm, actually, nowhere sections of faulkier county and all of this is moving to the east and to the southeast. 15, 20 miles per hour and the strongest of what you so here is by far down into madison and green county. that is southwest of culpeper. it's worth it here, it could continue to stay together, possibly drift through spotsylvania and touch fredericksburg and that is something to keep an eye out on and those are thunderstorms, too. the temperatures are comfortable in the lower 80s right now. 81 degrees by 7:00 and i am going to leave and a chance of a shower or storm and i think we're going to get anything for the metro? not really. there is a slim chance of that and most of this appears to be staying south of us. if you're headed out, keep that in mind. i think by 9:00, the stuff is gone with the setting sun and
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that is going to go away with the clouds, lingering at 9:00 and the temperatures in the mid- 70s, a shower possible at 11:00. listen, stay with us. they don't give me the full forecast time here. coming up toward the end of the week and into the weekend, that is going to feel like fall. we'll talk about this. >> okay. >> i'm looking forward to that -- to this, i think. thank you. >> and mark your calendars, there is a brand new date for the dedication for the dr. martin luther king jr. memorial. the dedication will be october 16th. a formal announcement isings picked later this week. you may remember hurricane irene postponed the original august dedication and that original event was planned on the 48th anniversary of king's "i have a dream" speech. for men of you, it's a cartoon the kids can't get enough of. is spongebob squarepants dangerous. why some say it's the last thing toddlers should be watching. that is still ahead for you. also hed, some service men and women are surviveing the bal and are not coming home unscathed. tonight, we'll take you inside a one-of-a-kind treatment
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designed to get troops on the right track. we'll be right back. 
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>> the recall on ground turkey is expandding over the salmonella fears involved. the company cargil recalled 36 million pops of ground turkey in august. new tests after the plant was treated and cleaned revealed another positive result for salmonella. the first outbreak made more than $100 people second in 31 states and the turkey is packaged nationwide under the names kroger, and cargil's hopi suckle brand. go to and click on web links. >> a battle being fought off of the battle field. thousands of u.s. service members are coming home from iraq and afghanistan suffering from traumatic brain injuries. researchers, though, are using a brand-new treatment hoping to heal the injuries faster.
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more armed service men and women are surviving the horrors of war and they're not leaving the balfield completely unscathed. many are suffering traumatic brain injuries or tbe. and i forget things real bad. i get agitated really easy, i get angry sometimes. and it makes it hard to fusion on a daily living. >> reporter: at fort carson army base in colorado, they're seeing if they can treat tbi. the staff arment -- staff sergeant is one of the soldiers in a 93wood study being conducted in the army and marine corps. >> the vehicle was hit seven different times, direct hits. the last one was most severe and shrapnel hit me in the head with my kevlar and didn't puncture my skin or anything. >> reporter: the chambers have been used for years to treat scuba divers decompressing from
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sickness. the theory is that more oxygen can be delivered to the body when your pressure and can help heal the brain. this is similar to being under tweet feet of water. and the study's lead researcher hopes to recruit them from this base alone. the low tenant colonel price said there is evidence the hyperbaric chambers can help heal the brain after strokes. >> in tbi, we don't know how that works of the we're trying to investigate further to determine how it helps if at all. >> reporter: the military schmidts more than 134,000 soldiers have suffered tbe since the iraq and afghanistan wars began. and this is quite often. your kids favorite cartoon is in the spot. >> and one study claims this children watching certain television programs can lead to serious developmental issues. we're talking about the study still ahead. and cars and bikes on the road can be a dangerous combination, around here. and one cyclist run-in with the
5:26 pm
truck is shedding new light on the problem. how to november gate the rules of the road safely when fox 5 news at 5 continues. ♪
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>> a string of crimes against transgender women in the district started back in mid- july. in the last three days, a transgender woman was found dead and another shot during an assault in southeast. it's a pattern that has activists very concerned tonight. paul wagner is live in the newsroom with more on this story. paul? >> reporter: he was gunned down on dick street northeast. activists with the transgender community say there have been a string of assaults, robberies, shootings, and one suspicious death. although there have been some arrests, activists feel transgender women have become easy targets in part because
5:30 pm
the police don't care. and there is notice solving of transgender crimes and i think phones fill like it's okay. >> reporter: although the july murder of mcclip is still unsolved, police say they have a suspect in this morning's shooting in southeast. and that left a transgender woman wounded and the police say they had a relationship. as for the hi number of crimes? judgey with don't seem to is a -- have a pattern here and the events are not related and travelling for the metropolitan police department and what is brought to our attention, a feeling in the transgender community and they getting less released service then deserved. >> reporter: transgender women were robbed at least seven times in recent weeks in and around mount vernon square. on side saturday morning, a transgender woman was found dead near the intersection of 11th and fairmont streets northwest. police have been unable to identify the person and released this picture in hopes ofularying who it is. there was no trauma to the body
5:31 pm
and, at this time, the cause of death is undetermined. she admits many transgender women turn to prostitution because they can't get jobs and there is bias and what show calls transphobia. a message has to be support that this is acceptable. transgender people are just like anyone else. i am tragender, 53 years of age. the fact is we deserve to live freely without pardon me. >> reporter: he feels the police don't work as hard as solving crimes against transgender women, a claim this the police deny. and d.c. police say the july murder of mcclip could see a hate crime and investigators don't have a motive or suspect. the witness said that woods were ecchanged before the gun fire but -- exchanged before the gun fire. >> what about the most recent shooting, paul? any suspects? have police named anyone? locate talk about the two most recent cases, laura. there was a shooting this
5:32 pm
morning in far southeast. the police believe they have identified a suspect and they were going for a warrant and hope to have that person in custody shortly. the other death was on 11th street northwest and this is an undetermined death at this point. they're investigating it, laura, as if it's a homicide and there is no trauma to the body. they don't know how this person died and don't know who this person is. thank you for bringing us up to date. >> sure. and this disturbing video captured by a bicyclist helmet cam. this is a confronting a he had last month with the drive or rhode island avenue. if you -- you can see what happened. the driver cursed at the cyclist and web ised the truck knocking it over. the executive director of the washington area bicycle of the association is here to help us learn how we can share the road, shape, thank fister joining us. when i saw this, i was shocked. i mean sadly, though, this is not an uncommon occurrence. how often do you hear?
5:33 pm
and that is good. we do hear about it regularly and this is not great, so i can't tell you an exact set of numbers. working at the bike's soccer, we get the calls vehiclely or so from people who had the experience and most of the time, they don't have a helmet cam on. and the reason is due in part to the idea. the bike helmets with built-in helmets for safety. and tell me about the cycle of the who was waring it. is the cyclist okay and tell me about the new hemet. >> reporter: the cyclist is okay. he was transported from the scene and evaluated by medical personnel and has a injury to his collar bone and road rash. fortunately, he's okay. >> and i think it's interesting to point out the idea. they tried to create the evidence so when there is a confrontation or incident or a
5:34 pm
issue that needs to be addressed, they can show evidence. so, they're protecting yourself from aggressive or distracted drivers in a collective sense, but it's creating evident to improve the system. >> and should an easy thing you that can find? is this a special helmet or is this -- was it rigged up specifically for this particular lighter in. it's relatively simple camera that you can buy. you're an outdoor enthusiast. you can get them attached to subboards and bikes and helmets. this is rock climbing and things. the particular brand, i saw them, a nice display of them downtown this weekend and they're fairly readily available. >> let me ask you, we all clearly know the driver that was captureed in that helmet cam. as a driver, there times when i or other people get frustrated with the cyclist in and out of traffic, in and out of lanes and making their own rules. how do we share the roads out there with bicyclists? >> frustration is one thing.
5:35 pm
by taking it to the level of violence and that is another and completely unacceptable at the washington area bicycle soccer. we dotri to -- association. we dotri to teach classes to explain to cyclists why following the rules and the predictable behaviors is the safest thing for the safest course of action and to better reflect the reality of cycling. in this case, you can see the cycle of the who is doing everything right. he was in the right place and going with traffic outside of the door zone and doing everything as you're taught. so, i think it's important to realize while there are some who don't follow the law perfectly, that is never an excuse to go over the edge into violence. >> and i know the police were trying to track down the driver. did they find one at this point? i have not heard anything from police j. we'll check on this and let viewers know. we hope that we can share the road out there. there is enough for everyone. anything in closing you would like to say? i would like to say one think this we're pursuing, we are proposing a law, civil cause of
5:36 pm
action protecting bicyclists in the district and we're hoping to see that pass in the next few weeks. >> all right, shape fairly, the execute of director of the washington area bike of the association. things for coming in. thank you. have a fox 5 track alert now. watch your speed through falls church. the city is installing now electronic signs in nearly a dozen locations and they will post how fast you're driving. the police hope you will slow down if they see you over the posted speed limit. unlike speed cameras, they don't snap a picture of your license plate and you should still slow down. coming up on fox 5 you ins at five, a meggor carb maker yanking se-- major carmaker yanking several vehicles off of the road. next. 
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>> volkswagon is recalling 30,000 jetta sedans. the problem? tailpipe. tailpipes that stick out too far. the exhaust pipes can burn people who walk past the vehicles. model years 2011 and 2012 are affected. if you take them to the dealer, they'll inspect it and replace the tailpipes that are too long. and remember the supercomputer named watson that competed against the world's best jeopardy players on tv? a health insurance company is hoping that wallston -- watson can be a game changeer in the industry. they are using it to diagnose illnesses and use the best treatment option. it will use the vast data bias to provide information in seconds. scattered showers and a thunderstorm or two could interrupt your early evening plans. guess what, about to feel like tall out -- fall out there. how low will the temperatures go? the workweek forecast is just ahead tonight. and what your kids do beforethy head off to school could -- before they head off to school could impact what they learn. this story is coming up.
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>> a new season and beginning for the redskins. they beat the archrival giants in six years and a few rookies had a good hand in the victory. dave feldman is live with their part of the story. feldy? >> reporter: all right, shape. two rookies played great in helping the redskins go to 1-0 and 1-0 on the division. the giants lose. and that is a great thing. that happened and the eagles won. that is not great. the redskins are tied for first in the nfc and that is very early. they won yesterday, 28-49 and thanks in large part like you said to two rookies playing l. let's start with the top draft pick, ryan kerrigan and the game-changing play in the third quarter. deflecting an eli mapping pass and intercepting it and going 9
5:45 pm
yards for the touchdown. giving the redskins the first lead of the game, 21-en from. and chris meals from -- 21- 14. >> and chris meals, played like a in the of -- first-rounder and tracking him twice in the first quarter to give the defense a huge boost. here's the rookies on their big game performance. >> they had it and a whole season. and with this and i went up there. >> i never scored a touchdown in college and that is pretty exciting for my first touchdown. and that is how we need to pay every week. every day in practice and that is what we expect. we have a lot of playmakers and i think if we can play like we can did in the second helpful half, we will have a good time error error inform he's not score -- team. he's had a good touchdown. and looking for that after the game. coming up later on at 6:00,
5:46 pm
eight-year vet chris cooly weighs in on why the attitude has changed and case in point, chris cooly who was okay, and a supportive observer of fred damon who caught 105 yards of passes yesterday and you think of fred davis playing great, not so good for chris cooly? not so fast, my friends. chris cooly will tell you why this is a team effort and rex grossman weighs in on why everyone believes in head coach mike shanahan and everyone is feeling great about themselves after a victory over the new york giants john. and hope they can keep it going. rolling on over the season. thank you, filly j. absolutely. -- thank you, feldy. absolutely. love them or hate them. the terps uniforms are up for option. thy wore the uniforms against the game in miami on labor day and feature a maryland state flag. you can see both sides there. the university is auctioning off 10 helmets and 10 jerseys to benefit the athletic
5:47 pm
department and started about $300. the highest bids now are more than $1,600. if you want to see the abe g to and click on web languages. gary mcgrady liked the uniforms. >> did you? judge they grow on me. >> when i first turned it on, i was like wow, what was that in as i watched it, it was cool will -- cool. >> i think they're too busy. brian bolter thought itmed him look cool and seem like they're faster, you, and we'll see -- . >> and that is like a big reveal each week, right? and -- >> with two 72,000 in combination? >> more like 32. >> this is close. >> i don't know what they wore this week or if they won. and we'll see if the uniforms -- . >> okay. >> and talking about them, anyway. >> and seeming sunnier is a good thing, too. >> and it was good today. good today. we're going to feel a little bit like summer the next few days and a fall freshness comes
5:48 pm
into the picture by the latter period of time of the week and on through the weekend. and it's just monday. we'll figure owl of a -- all of this and that is as if we're leaping toward the cooler weather and gorgeous picture of the town camera out there. 93. do you have a couple of thunderstorms and we'll talk about this in a second. gaithersburg, 79; baltimore, 82 and the highest temperature in initial and that is 82 degrees, where we settle in for a low. 7:00, shower or thunderstorm possible. and we're going to look at the radar in just a second and she where you they are though and don't we stand a great chance of getting one in the metro area and that is a possibility and in there and some clouds at 9:00 and some temperatures tripping into the lower 70s and showing you where things are
5:49 pm
and again, nothing around the beltway and the northwestern suburbs, you have to go to 66 to find everything. the severe thunderstorm warning down here for madison and orange county. we get a little tighter along 66 and this is moving, all right, ever so lowly is -- slowly in the direction of, you keep muffing to the east- southeast and holds it together and that can potentially get into the metro area and looks like it's holding together and ganesville showers there and moving to the south of marshal again and moving along 66 and there is no doubt, probably, continuing to do this and that can cause the traffic issues. and then you go farther to the south and this is all clustered around 64 here and all of this is east of 81 and there is that severe thunderstorm warning, from mad copout is they and -- madison county and orange county and this is holding
5:50 pm
together, too and some wind and hail. the bigger picture we'll show you, there is a will weakness coming through. and as it does that that is why we have a chance of showers and thunderstorms this evening. the deep moisture is offshore and there is this trough of low pressure that we're dealing with this weekend and that is really why we're talking about a few showers and thunderstorms and it will be moving on and tomorrow, the high pressure is building in and a cold front comes through with some thunderstorms by wednesday and some scattered showers on thursday. 81 in d.c. still real hot in texas. 102 for dallas and a little break. again, you can see the heat right back up there and we take to you the north and i want to show you this. international falls is 61 degrees and this is in northern minnesota. fargo, 70 degrees; not real cruel but there is cold air into canada and that is making the run for it and by the
5:51 pm
latter part of the week, we're talking about a fall feel around here and into the weekend and tonight, out in the suburbs, that is going to be chilly. open the windows and enjoy it. it will be nice with that and some 50s out there. the winds west. story,'s beautiful morning and start off around 70, mostly sunny at 91. about the big difference -- mostly sunny at noon. the big difference between today and tomorrow, tomorrow is warmer. should be dry in the afternoon and not much of a chance of thunderstorms and as we look at the trend, 87 the next few days, a good chance of a shower or thunderstorm on wednesday and that is that front coming in and cooler for this, a spotty shower possible on 77 and a hive of 68 degrees and saturday, a high and around 70. the big question mark, how much cloudiness will we have friday, saturday and will we have any showers in the weekend and that
5:52 pm
is with set on saturday and if we don't have should cloudy skies, we're talking about a good amount of 40s. >> and i think people are looking forward to the cooloff. >> and definitely. >> and bring it on, i guess. >> almost time for -- . >> yeah, all right. not yet. >> and you all talk about that. it's a great sunny day, mean, for playing outside and if your child is inside watching television, the psychologist researchers at uva have advice. you may want to dub heck ya your kids are watching and when they watching yet. beth parker has more on this. >> reporter: even a child who rarely watches tv knows the name porching about -- sponge bob. >> and that is all i can think of and some scary one with warts on his face. >> reporter: in a study, researchers divided four-year-
5:53 pm
olds into some three drupes. one watched spongebob squarepans for nine minutes and another watched a slower story and the third group drew a picture. >> after the shows, we gave them about four tests to concentrate and to think and to learn and to the children who watched spongebob were significantly impaired and that is to some children watching or drawing kiyu. >> and they functioned at half of the exhaust other kids. >> once they see tv, they expect some constant action and without tv, they make their own games. >> i have lots of regrets, i watch too much tv and i regret that. >> reporter: the parents may want to reconsider when they allow their children to watch tv. for example, in the morning, before they head off to schoolmy not be the best time for tv. we have no idea how long the
5:54 pm
effects last. children might be bouncing back to normal and in 10 minutes for all we know. but i do think parents have to think hard about whether to allow the children to watch the shows on the way to school and where they arrive at school and temporarily unable to function at their full capacity. >> reporter: nickelodeonaries spongebob and in a statement, t kids not part of the show's audience, watching nine minutes of programming is questionable methodology and couldn't provide the basis for a fining this parents could trust. the uva researchers say it's not fair to just blame spongebob and that they found some other studies. any fast-paced cartoon could slow down your child's mind. and you warned me about spongebob. >> i'm not a fan. >> nor am i. >> we want to know what you think about this and like and
5:55 pm
post your comments. a lot of people are fired up over there. -- over this j. yeah. >> and this is interesting. >> it is. >> and makes sense. >> it makes a lot of sense. brian bolter, are you a spongebob fan? my which were are j. okay. and my children are. i'm not. >> okay. >> we try to limit it. >> okay. >> they're going to watch that and angry birds. >> yeah. >> what are we anything to do about that? and following a developing story out of northern virginia. police say there are now developments in a 75-year-old man's unsolved murder. the press conference is scheduled to get underway any minute right now. we'll have the latest. and water woes, the government building remains closed and all new on the edge, the cost this is having in one local county and serena williams all fired up after a u.s. open outburst. the chose words she had for a chair umpire. 
5:56 pm
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5:59 pm
>> topping the news edge at 6. president obama sends his jobs bill to congress. republicans say there are certain lines they won't cross. and the obama administration said this $447 billion measure is needed to get unemployed americans back to work. some republicans, though, warning if the president is looking to release a second stimulus, not going to happen. fox 5s tom fitzgerald is in the newsroom with the top story. the president himself got back in the fight todayful. >> reporter: he did, brian. the president spoke out, the white house keeping up the pressure on congress to pass his jobs bill. while republican leaders said there are parts of this they like, conservatives are worrying -- warning they won't go with the spending that is balanced with now spending cuts. and. >> well, here it is. >> reporter: presideba


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